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Here are the terms and conditions of using this website or our services, interacting with our representatives, or transacting with Affordable Assignments. Please read these terms and conditions very carefully as these form a “legally binding agreement” for visiting this website, using our services, or consulting with our representatives.

Affordable Assignments reserve the right to change, update, or modify these terms and conditions. Continuing to use our services before or after modification of terms and conditions, you agree to the latest version of these provisions at the time of use.

Services and its Use

1.1 At Affordable Assignments, we offer services (including editing and proofreading) of our qualified experts aiming to assist our clients in completion of their course work and written assignments. We provide original written copies or research material as per our commitment with our clients. Affordable Assignments is not responsible for the misuse of research nor do we guarantee good grades for the submission of our provided work to any academic institution.

1.2 It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that there are no legal restrictions according to the university guidelines to avail research writing services.

1.3 By opting to use our services, the client agrees that there is no involvement of Affordable Assignments, its representatives or employees in this decision.

1.4 Our representative will never ask for your age. If the user is a minor, it is his/her responsibility to seek the parents/guardian’s permission to coordinate with our representative or share personal data. Moreover, if the parents/guardians believe that the minor has shared personal information without their consent, they may contact us.

1.5 It is a significant violation of this agreement to share incorrect or false information.

Order Process

2.1 The client must provide correct contact information; email address and phone number. There may be need to contact you for clarification or guidance, while your order is in process. Failing to contact can lead to late delivery for which the client will be solely responsible.

2.2 Your order will only be processed once the payment has been confirmed. Plus, the company does not intend or allow to share the information of the client with the researcher/writer.

2.3 There are no discounts once the order has been confirmed and payment has been made. Therefore, the client must fill the form carefully. There are compensations for failing to use the discount code correctly.

2.4 Orders are processed based on the instructions provided by the client. If there is any missing instruction, the client will be responsible for the consequences. Moreover, the revisions cannot be placed for instructions that were missing. Revisions can only be placed if there is nay deviation from the initial instructions provided by the client. For deviating instructions, the client will have to pay additionally.

2.5 Expert writers at Affordable Assignments use relevant information from sources like journals, interviews, books, newspapers, and publications. If the client has specific instruction regarding the use or limitation of sources, he must mention while placing the order. Any such information will be count additional instructions later on and will require additional payment

2.6 The client must mention the correct academic level while placing the order. Otherwise, the client will be responsible for the deviated work. In such cases, the clients must coordinate with our representative at the earliest so that the instructions can be corrected. However, if the work has been completed or is half done, there may be additional payments required to revise it.

2.7 Our experts use messaging system to communicate with clients. It is the responsibility of the client to respond on the messaging system if any query has been raised by writer or representative. Therefore, we suggest that the client should keep on checking the messages at short breaks. If the client failed to respond timely on the messages, he will be responsible for the late delivery.

2.8 At Affordable Assignments, we ensure that the orders are correctly placed. However, no order is processed or completed with the wrong or inconsistent details. Moreover, wring descriptions, incorrect products, short deadlines and deviated revision instructions will require additional charges. You will be asked for approval before applying any additional charges.

2.9 The client should be in contact with the Support Team and pay attention to the order’s progress. Possible updates include the following:

  • Awaiting payment – This means payment must be made to start the order.
  • Order has been started – The order is paid, and the writers are gathering information.
  • Work in progress – The writer is working on the order.
  • Completed – The product is uploaded, and the client can view it.
  • Returned for revision – The order is being revised according to the client’s instructions.
  • Hold – The Support Team has put a hold on the order, or the writer is not working on it temporarily. The client can contact us for information.
  • Cancelled – The order has been cancelled.

2.10 We accept requisitions for draft delivery if the order is not placed on urgent basis like 3 to 48 hours.

2.11 The client can choose a specific writer. However, the company has the right to deny this request on the basis of writer’s availability, speed, work history or any other aspect that may hinder the completion of order with optimum quality and timely. The client will be notified with clarification. If the client still insists on selecting the writer, the company will not be liable for the work delivered. Besides, there will be no refund.

Delivery and Downloading Policy

3.1 At Affordable Assignments, we aim the optimum satisfaction for our clients. However, we do not take the responsibility if the client fails to download correct files, set spam filters, share correct email, or connect to stable internet connection. Our support team will still be available to assist and guide.

3.2 If the client fails to download the file that was delivered to him on time, the company will not be liable. There will be no refund for such issues on the client end that are beyond our control.

Verification Process

4.1 At Affordable Assignments, we strive to protect the customer’s billing and personal information to eliminate the risks of fraud. The entity, along with banks, merchants and other authorities, is obliged to protect a customer’s credit card information. As our business model is completely online, there will be no hand-written signatures on the receipts.

4.2 The client may be asked for the following information for verification purpose only:

  • A billing statement
  • A copy of your credit card (cover all but the last 4 of the numbers)

The client will be liable to provide the correct billing information. Failing to provide the correct billing information for verification or declined payment will result in holding of order. The order will only be processed once the payment has been received.

Cancellation Policy

5.1 Affordable Assignments reserves the rights to cancel an order at any point when there is lack of communication or cooperation from the clients end. It may also be cancelled if there is a doubt or suspicion of any fraud. There are no refunds in such cases. If the client requests, the company may investigate each aspect separately to come up with a final decision.

Revision Policy

6.1 At Affordable Assignments, we offer free revisions considering the satisfaction of our clients. The clients may place as many revisions as they like within 14 days from the time of order delivery. After 14 days of delivery, the client can still place revisions with additional payments.

6.2 The revisions are processed for free during the 14 days period. However, if the revisions instructions deviate from the initial instructions, the company has the right to deny the revision request or ask for additional payments.

Originality Assurance

7.1 At Affordable Assignments, the completed order is passed through sever quality assurance tests which also include checking its originality. We use a Turnitin – a premium tool for checking plagiarism.

7.2 The client has the right to ask for the plagiarism report with the final file without any additional charges. However, we will not provide Turnitin reports with revisions.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

8.1 We ensure that the specific guidelines provided by the client are followed proficiently in the work while promising on-time delivery

8.2 At Affordable Assignments, we take full responsibility of our work. However, we do not guarantee zero plagiarism for orders placed for editing, proofreading, or formatting. Simply, we do not take responsibility for the work we have not done.

8.3 The client may cancel order at any point before its completion but charges will apply.

8.4 The client should request refund in written. The client may request refund in messages or emails. A customer may be given a partial refund if not satisfied with the quality of the provided work. In case of false claims, the company reserves the right to approve or reject the refund requests.

8.5 In case of refund requests, the company will investigate the provided reasons thoroughly.

8.6 All refund requests shall be made within 72 hours of the delivery time. No refunds will be approved after 72 hours.

8.7 Once the refund request has been made by the client, he loses the right to use the product. Legal action shall be taken against the client if found using the product.

Promotional Materials

9.1 At Affordable Assignments, we ensure to keep our clients updated of all new offers, services, and discounts. Therefore, we practice our right to communicate with our clients via any source.

9.2 The client may contact us if he does not want any promotional messages.

9.3 The customer can contact us if the client does not want to receive marketing messages.


10.1 Affordable Assignments owns the right to change, update, or modify the provisions mentioned above. By using our website or services, you agree to the terms and conditions.

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